Our Steel Detailing Service

CalTrek, Inc. is a professional steel detailing company located in Fremont,
California.  Our company has vast experience in steel detailing for commercial
and industrial projects. We provide our clients with an exceptional service that
results in top quality drawings delivered on schedule and on budget.  Based on
our steel construction background, we fully understand the manpower and
equipment logistics required for successfully completing steel fabrication and
construction projects.  This industry understanding coupled with our company’s
talent and dedication results in a quality steel detailing service that you can
totally depend on.

Why choose CalTrek, Inc.?

We are dedicated professional steel detailing specialists.

We are experts in miscellaneous and structural steel detailing for
commercial and industrial projects.

Our senior staff has over 100 years of successful steel detailing and
project management experience.

We are totally passionate about providing quality steel detailing services
to the engineering, fabrication and construction industry.

Our focus on exacting standards and high quality service ensure the
long-term success of our competitive position, company reputation and
client satisfaction.

CalTrek can provide your company with the absolute best technical
services in the industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our clients prosper by providing them with high quality
steel detailing services.  Our first priority is to always serve our clients.  We are
firmly committed to the project and schedule needs of our clients. CalTrek will
consistently provide superior services designed to assist our clients in
achieving and exceeding their business goals and profitability.  We will build
strong client relationships that will be rewarding and long lasting.

 We pledge to provide exceptional service to every CalTrek client.
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